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Ballistic tests with HEAT rounds against chain armor

A test report from 1971, documenting test firings with two different HEAT rounds against a stand-off “armor” screen made out of steel chains. The target looked like this:


From left to right, chain links, one meter of air, 110 mm armor plate, then eight layers of 25 mm “commercial iron” plates (probably equivalent to mild steel). The chain links were 113 mm long and 62 mm wide with a diameter of 19 mm. The chains were spaced at 100 mm intervals.

A summary of the report states that on average, for 9 cm HEAT rounds (pansarvärnspjäs 1110), the penetration was about 40% of what it should be at the same standoff distance, while for 8,4 cm HEAT rounds (8,4 cm granatgevär m/48, aka “Carl Gustav”) the penetration was about 75% of the expected.

A translation of the results follows below; for images see read the PDF version (in Swedish).

Archive reference: SE/KrA/0092/A/A2/001:H/F1-1971/50