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Objectives for the 105mm tracked SPG project

Three documents regarding the 105mm tracked SPG project.

The first document (original title: Målsättning för 10,5 cm haubits i bandlavett) is a letter from the Commander of the Army to the Weapons Bureau at KATF, dated 1959-06-25, in which the objectives for the 105mm tracked SPG project are laid out. The letter recognizes that much regarding the construction of the SPG is still undecided and asks KATF to present a few main alternatives that are to be considered in a final decision, and that this presentation should be completed no later than September 15th, 1959.

The second document (original title: VPM ang projektering och konstruktion av 10,5 cm bandhaub) is a memo from the 1st Weapons Bureau, discussing some of the main alternatives available for the project and requesting that the 2nd Weapons Bureau and the Vehicle Bureau respond to the memo with their opinions.

The third document (original title: Yttrande över “VPM ang projektering och konstruktion av 10,5 cm bandhaub”) is the Vehicle Bureau’s response to the second document.

Archive reference: SE/KrA/0266/002/01:H/F I/30

Memo regarding Centurion turrets on the Krv chassis

A memo dated 1959-06-12 regarding the possibility of putting a Centurion mk 10 turret on the Krv chassis. Some modifications are required of either the chassis itself or the turret, and a turret blueprint with some handwritten notes on it is attached.

Archive reference: SE/KrA/0266/002/01:H/F I/32

Memo regarding the future development of turreted tanks (1959)

A memo dated 1959-03-23, outlining the guidelines for future development of turreted tanks. The “A-tank” (the conventional turreted alternative to the S-tank, developed in case the hydraulic gun laying system on the S-tank would prove unworkable) is put on hold (and thus effectively cancelled, since the army ended up choosing the S-tank) and possibilities for putting a Centurion mk 10 turret on the Krv chassis is discussed. The latter is proposed as an alternative to purchasing the Centurion mk 10 mainly for economical and trade balance reasons, since it would mean building the tank in Sweden rather than purchasing it from the UK.

Archive reference: SE/KrA/0266/002/01:H/F I/32

Discussion and schematics of autoloaders for Strv A and Strv S

Three documents dated in January and February of 1959, discussing autoloader mechanisms for the two projected tank options of the time, the S-tank and the A-tank (the latter being a turreted tank of conventional design, cancelled at an early stage in favor of the S-tank).

Archive reference: SE/KrA/0266/002/01:H/F I/33