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Report on protection from fragments from HE ammunition

This is a rare (on this blog) report in English, from the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland, USA, titled Protection provided by steel and aluminum armor against fragments from high-explosive ammunition (U). To aid potential Googlers in finding it, I’ll list some identifying numbers.
Report No. DPS-67
OMS Code 5510.11.268
D. A. Project No. 548-03-001

The report seems to have ended up in a Swedish archive via official channels; it appears to have been forwarded via the Swedish military attache in Washington DC. Some appendices are missing, presumably removed by the DoD before the report was handed over to foreign hands.

Memo regarding the quality of homogenous armor plates

Original title: PM angående kvaliteten i homogen pansarplåt

A memo (dated 1944-03-21) regarding the properties of various types of steel, particularly with regard to the capability of withstanding hits from armor-piercing rounds of various types. Contains a lot of data from test firings with various guns against various armor plate configurations.

Archive reference: SE/KrA/0062/D/01/016:H/F I/3

Summary of penetration data for various projectiles (1958)

Original title: Sammanställning av data för genomslag av pansar
Author: Ann Littke-Persson, research engineer 1st class

A research report from FOA 2 (defense research agency, bureau 2), dated 1958-08-01, regarding the penetration capabilities of various projectiles of different kinds. The report is mainly theoretical in nature, but it extrapolates values for planned projectiles from empirical data obtained from various test firings, both Swedish and foreign.

Page 36 has a convenient reference of terms used in the report.

Archive reference: SE/KrA/0266/002/01:H/F I/19