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Here is a selection of registers, catalogs, datasheets etc related to the Swedish army. May be of particular interest to wargamers and other such nerds.

Ammunitionsregister för armén

1949 edition, part 1 (17 MB PDF)
1949 edition, part 2 (10 MB PDF)
1960 edition (35 MB PDF)

A register of basically all ammo and explosives available for use in the Swedish army.

In the 1949 edition, part 1 contains handguns, rifles, machine guns, mortars, rockets and recoilless rifles, AT guns, tank guns, light AA guns, hand grenades, fire and smoke weapons, flare weapons, explosives, fuzes and igniters, mines and fireworks. In other words, everything that isn’t reserved purely for artillery and AA units. Part 2 contains artillery guns and howitzers, heavy AA guns, and artillery fuzing systems.

Arméhandbok del 1: organisation

Arméhandbok del 1: organisation. Pansarbrigadens förband, 1977. (AH1:PB 1977) (3 MB PDF)

Table of organization and equipment (TO&E) for a Swedish armored brigade in 1977. This particular document is for a brigade equipped with strv 103, but the TO&E for a strv 101/102 brigade is almost identical. M-number M7743-106081.

Datasheets for armored vehicles used by the Swedish army

Pansarbil m/41 (Landsverk L-180-S)
Stridsvagn m/40 L (Landsverk L-60-S-III)
Stridsvagn m/41 S/I and S/II (CKD TNH-Sv, built on license by Scania-Vabis)
Stridsvagn m/42 EH (Volvo engine, hydraulic transmission)
Stridsvagn m/42 TH (Twin Scania engines, hydraulic transmission)
Stridsvagn m/42 TV, aka m/42 TM (Twin Scania engines, electromagnetic transmission)
Stridsvagn 74 (strv m/42 with new turret)

These datasheets contain most of the information you could ever want to know about these vehicles: external measurements, speed on each gear, amount of fuel and ammo carried, fuel consumption, amount of oil in various systems, armor thickness, ground pressure, turret traverse speeds, elevation limits, various terrain capabilities, etc etc.

The data comes from two different sources (one open and one formerly classified) which have been combined into a single PDF for each tank for convenience reasons. The open source is a publication called “Tygmaterielkatalog stridsfordon” which mostly consists of excerpts from the manuals of each vehicle. The formerly classified source is the archives of the Royal Army Ordnance Administration’s documentation bureau, volume 8b (archive reference: SE/KrA/0266/009/01:H/F I/8b).

More to come.

Field manuals

Pansarreglemente stridsvagnspluton (PR strvplut), 1974 (9 MB PDF)

Field manual for a tank platoon. Applies to all tank platoons regardless of which tank they have (Strv 103 or Centurion).

Skjutreglemente för armén. Stridsvagn Grunder (SkjutR A Strv Grunder), 1979 (4 MB PDF)

Field manual for tank gunnery, including instructions for use of smoke and illumination rounds. This part includes everything that is common to both Strv 103 and Centurion; there are other parts that cover specifics for each tank. M-number M7742-120011.


  1. Makko September 1, 2017

    I’ve heard numerous mentions of Swedish trials involving the T-72M1 at some point between 1980 and 1995, do you know anything about that?

  2. rhx November 2, 2017

    At the very least there were terrain trials with a number of ex-East German T-72M1’s around 1993. There’s a pair of videos from that on my YouTube channel. There should also be a test report from that somewhere but I don’t think I’ve seen it. There also seem to have been trials with an ex-Yugoslavian (?) T-72 variant earlier on (in the 1980’s) including firing trials against the strv 103, but I don’t know a solid date for that and for that reason I haven’t been able to find the test report.

  3. jerry March 21, 2020

    Is there a connection between the German E-10 tank design and wich would have used actuators to raise and lower the hull and the strv 103?

  4. guy January 16, 2022

    looking for documents related to the 8 cm M.29 anti-aircraft gun the swedish made.
    Do you have any thing on this or the 7.5cm variation?

  5. Salvador Rivera July 26, 2023

    I am looking for operation manuals for old swedish tanks. Anything from 1930 to 1960. Something like the Stridsvagn m/42 would be ideal. Do you have any manuals or know where I can look for them?

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