This blog documents my adventures in digging through various Swedish government archives looking for various documents regarding indigenous armored vehicle development. The time period I work within is mostly 1920-1970.

I have elected to write mostly in English in order to make the blog more accessible to non-Swedish readers, but all the source documents are in Swedish and I don’t have time to translate everything fully. The blog heading linked above features editorial content (a fancy way to say “blog posts”) written by me, as well as various documents found in the archives. The reference documents page mostly contains (as you might guess) reference literature, such as TO&E’s, datasheets, field manuals etc.

All of the source documents I refer to and post on this blog are kept at the national military archives (Krigsarkivet) in Stockholm.

About the author

I go under the name Ren Hanxue (or “renhanxue”, or “rhx”) on the internet these days. That’s not my real name, it’s a handle that’s a memory of a misspent youth, but it’ll do. I’m just some nerd who got sick of all the usual internet second-hand sources and wild speculation and just walked into the military archives one fine day to see what was in there.

I have no association with the Swedish armed forces or any other Swedish government authority, nor with Bofors or any other Swedish arms manufacturer. I’m not a professional historian either, I’m just some random guy who happened to be curious enough to start checking out the primary sources.

If you wish to contact me directly, you can send me an email: tankarchives at mod16 dot org.