Copyright information

As per Swedish law, more specifically 1 kap 9 § lagen (1960:729) om upphovsrätt till litterära och konstnärliga verk (copyright act, chapter 1, article 9), official documents created by Swedish government authorities are not covered by copyright. My photographs of such documents posted at this blog can thus be considered to be in the public domain.

Documents created by non-government entities as part of their work with Swedish government authorities may be covered by copyright, but as per 2 kap tryckfrihetsförordningen (1949:105) (freedom of the press act, chapter 2) the general public must be granted unrestricted access to such documents, unless they are classified (most of the documents posted here were classified when created but are now declassified). Additionally, the public is explicitly granted the right to create copies of such documents.

Thus, I believe it is within my rights to publish these documents on this blog. If you represent a person or corporation who owns the copyright to some document posted here and have a different opinion, please contact me via email at tankarchives at mod16 dot org.

The reasoning above also leads me to believe that I do not have any legal right to prevent anyone from (re-)using my photos of these documents. Feel free to use them in any way you wish, but I would be very grateful if you linked to this blog when publishing them elsewhere. :]

Oh, and please don’t leech my bandwidth. If you want to post an image from here somewhere else, please re-host it yourself first. If you don’t know what that means, just go to, press the “upload images from web” button, input the link to the image(s) you wish to post, and use the URL’s imgur provides for you instead of the originals here.

Regarding my own blog posts, I don’t consider them to have any significant literary value. You are free to reuse them as you wish, but I would appreciate it if you cited me as a source and/or linked to this blog if you reuse the texts elsewhere.