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Rebuilding strv m/41 into a TD

This document (dated 1951-01-20) discusses different possible way of rebuilding obsolete strv m/41 (license-built Czech TNH) into a tank destroyer armed with a modified 7,5 cm lvkan m/37 AA gun, which has very similar ballistics to the regular 7,5 cm pvkan m/43. Both turreted and fixed gun installations are discussed.

Archive reference: SE/KrA/0062/D/01/016:H/F I/24

Memo regarding guidelines for new AFV development (1944)

Original title: VPM med förslag till riktlinjer för planering och utprövning av nya stridsvagnar mm.

This memo (dated 1944-11-29) suggests guidelines for future AFV development. It starts off with discussing foreign developments, and states that the general opinion seems to be that anti-tank weapons have reached such a degree of efficiency that merely building more heavily armored tanks no longer seems cost-efficient. At the same time, the demand for “support tanks” (self-propelled guns and tank destroyers) is on the rise.

With this in mind, the memo suggests a number of new developments, mostly improvements of existing designs, and suggests that using the new “split” turret with an automatic gun rammer (currently under development at Bofors) might be a good idea.

Archive reference: SE/KrA/0062/D/01/016:H/F I/4