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Weapon effectiveness charts, strv 74 and strv 81 vs IS-3 and T-54

A few charts showing the effective weapon ranges and possible penetration angles for the strv 81 (Centurion mk 3) and the strv 74 when pitted against the IS-3 and the T-54. The charts have a note on them referring to what is presumably a more detailed description of these estimations but I have not been able to locate that document (yet).

Archive reference: SE/KrA/0266/002/01:H/F I/13
Note that the charts are dated 1957-10-18, but were found in a volume of documents listed as containing documents from 1956.

If you want bigger pictures, right click on an image and select “view image”.

Report on tactical trials with strv 81

Original title: Rapport över fortsatta taktiska försök med strv 81 9/8 – 14/8 1954

A report authored by the headquarters of the VI. Military Area (VI. militärområdet) dated 1954-09-13, describing the result of tactical trials done in the far north of Sweden, near Kalix, in mid-august 1954. The report concludes that despite the difficult terrain the tanks were quite able to maneuver and fight, and recommends attaching an armored brigade to the 2nd Army Corps (2. armékåren).

Archive reference: SE/KrA/0266/002/01:H/F I/2